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Fictional Knife 001 by CzechBiohazard

Now THAT is a knife mate! This is such a cool design, would be awesome to see a knife like this. It's got a good grip to it and the des...

Dragon Lily (Sketch) by ElementsWorkshop

Very cool artwork. You look at this woman and you feel the Badass Dragon Vibe. I especially like the work you did with her head, how it...


Anita is now trying to shut down free speach. I am not even kidding about this shit. Share and spread the word about this.
The Green Arrow Redesign by Guy01
The Green Arrow Redesign
A New Design For A Female Version Of Green Arrow. I moved away from the leather design in the show or spandexy designs, to create this version. This version of the Arrow has some more armor instead of just leather, a face mask and goggles in place of the domino mask of most versions of the arrow. This will actually hide the archer's identity, plus allowing for more protection in case she gets attacked than leather would. Two bows: One for usage and the backup, plenty of arrows. The belt around the waist and legs could be used to hold other gadgets or those flechettes the arrow likes to use.
The majority of the suit was made in that superhero creator on Newgrounds, and the mask was made in Heromachine 3 and shopped onto the body.
The Terror Toad New Design by Guy01
The Terror Toad New Design
Redesign of Terror Toad: Bigger, Fatter, Meaner and Darker than the original. Or we could just call this: Super Putty Terror Toad!
This is some bullshit but everyone should know about it.
Anime And Cosplay Fans Could Become Criminals With New International Trade Agreement…

Guys, please spread the word about this. I hope it doesn't ever pass, but people need to know about it regardless.


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United States…
This is some bullshit but everyone should know about it.

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